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I attended Carroll College, Waukesha, WI for my undergraduate education and earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Marquette University in 1984. I take between 25 – 50 hours of continuing education every year to stay on the cutting edge of new procedures and technology so I can provide you the very best of care.

I love to create beautiful smiles.  What’s more, I have 30+ years of experience here in the Northwoods doing just that – providing quality dental care for you, your friends, family and neighbors. My philosophy is that I treat all of my patients as I would like to be treated myself.

I enjoy all facets of dental work, but my passion is cosmetic dentistry. I completed a post doctorate cosmetic dental program and was offered jobs across the country as a cosmetic dentist. I am still taking Continuing Education courses with doctors who are recognized internationally, and are the best in their field. When a patient is concerned about a chipped, broken, yellow or missing teeth, it’s a challenge to me.  I ask, how can I make this into the most attractive and healthiest smile possible? Of course, I’m rewarded by your outstanding smile.

We put the “Family” in Potrykus Family Dentistry

I was proud when my oldest son, Jason decided to follow in my footsteps and become a dentist as well.  I was even prouder when he decided to join me here in Eagle River.  When Jason did join the practice, we changed our name to Potrykus Family Dentistry to reflect the fact that we provide a full range of services to your entire family and that we actually were a dental family doing family dentistry.

Satellite Office in Three Lakes

In 2012 we expanded our practice and established a satellite office in Three Lakes.  Now with two locations, it’s even more convenient for you.  Dr. Jason sees patients there two days a week – Tuesday and Wednesday.

My Family – I am so blessed!

I’m the proud grandfather of 9 wonderful and amazing grandchildren and my wife and I enjoy spending as much time spoiling them as possible. When I’m not in the office we enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. My second son, Christopher is married with 3 young children and is also a dentist with his own practices in Delafield WI. My daughter, Kimberly, is married with 3 young children and is working as a CPA in Green Bay, WI.

Mission work in Haiti

My wife Vicki and I love to travel and are especially dedicated to providing dental care for the impoverished  people of Haiti. To date, we have completed numerous mission trips and treated hundreds of Haitians.  We have spearheaded two mission trips, and have partnered with another dental organization to establish a free Christian dental clinic with eight chairs in the town of Hinche, Haiti.

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